Hi. It’s me!

Hello friends and followers. Thank you for being here. I am starting this because I like to write and share photos of the travels I do. I am leaving to do a portion of the Camino de Santiago next month and am very excited about this! I am not a techy person so this is a learn as I go type thing. Also, I am not a writer, so be kind. I just like sharing experiences and pictures with friends.

I have not really traveled a lot in my life, but 2 years ago my mom died suddenly and it was a big slap in the face that life can just reach up and grab you. After the first year of taking care of her estate (and being so very shocked and sad), I decided I was going to take a trip somewhere other than visiting family or friends once a year…..like a real trip! My mom is missed and thought of every day and I am grateful to family and friends I have visited and done sight seeing and spent time with. I don’t mean to poo poo that, there is just so much to see in our beautiful country! Grateful, grateful! My first trip, last fall, was to see the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. They were stunningly beautiful and wonderful, even at quick visits to each place. Looking forward to more!




Jackson to Salt Lake City 8/28/18

This is our last day of sightseeing and it was a beautiful day! We traveled through more beautiful countryside today and made a stop along the route of the original Oregon Trail and visited the National Oregon Trail Center. It was a very interesting take back in time of what our ancestors had to endure on their quest to move west. We then drove to beautiful Bear Lake in Utah and had lunch and stopped for a photo op. After lunch we drove through Logan Valley and on to Salt Lake City. In Salt Lake City we got a tour of Temple Square, home of the Latter Day Saints religion. We got to go in the Tabernacle and experience the exceptional acoustics. Very interesting and beautiful area.

On the Oregon trail
I didn’t tell you but I became a trail angel during our little re-enactment. That means I died, just my luck.
Bear Lake
The blue color of the water was so beautiful!
Temple Square
Our guides in the tabernacle
Beautiful stained glass windows

The Temple. We were not allowed in.

We ended the day with a celebration dinner and said our goodbyes. Travel day tomorrow.

Grand Tetons & Jackson, WY 8/27/18

Today was the day I was most looking forward to on the trip, seeing the Grand Tetons and going on a float trip on the Snake River. I’ve loved seeing all I have but to me this would be the highlight. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate 😥. So bummed! Our alternate activity was to visit a wildlife museum. No where close to the same experience. As we left Yellowstone it was raining and as we crossed the continental divide area it was snowing some. Pretty much as you exit Yellowstone you enter Grand Teton National Park. It was pretty cloudy so not great pictures. Then we were into Jackson for a bit of time in their quaint downtown area before heading to our hotel, The Virginian.

Snow in Yellowstone!
The Tetons, what little you can see anyway.

The famous antler arch leading to a park in Jackson
The famous Million Dollar Bar, where the barstools are made with saddles. This was closed too for a private event. How our luck is running today.

This sure is a beautiful country we have!

Yellowstone day 2, 8/26/18

Today a guide went with us to tour around the park. We saw lots more geysers, mud pots, steaming pools, Yellowstone Falls, twice the height of Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, some bison, and the back end of an elk :). Yesterday we saw more elk and pronghorn antelope. The biggest population in the park is bear but we didn’t get to see any. This park has the biggest concentration of geysers in the world!

I really was here!

There’s bison out there!
Elk from the rear 😊

This one was called Morning Glory

Old Faithful Inn

We got to stay 2 nights here and it was so great! I love this place! It was built in just a year, in 1903/04, and designed to look like the inside of a forest. All the inside wood is original. It’s been added onto a couple of times but not since 1927. It has a huge 4 sided fireplace, 3 levels of sitting area surrounding the lobby and an outside sitting area above the drive up area where you can watch Old Faithful. They celebrate Christmas on August 25th since it is closed for the winter (the reason you see the Christmas tree in a picture).

Such a beautiful huge open lobby!

The dining room
At the very top the architect designed a treehouse in keeping with the look. This area is closed off now.
Such beautiful wood was used.
The hallway connecting the original building to the new wing.
The original doors, painted red, the international color of welcome.

Yellowstone 8/25/18

We left Billings and headed into the north entrance into Yellowstone National Park. First stop was Mammoth Hot Springs, an incredible site. It looks like you are on the moon or something strange like that. And just to let you know, pictures don’t do it justice. After a bit of a drive through the park, we ended at our hotel, the Old Faithful Lodge. It’s a wonderful place and I’m so happy I got to stay here. We were just in time to see Old Faithful erupt! Walked 9 plus miles today.

Old Faithful
Old Faithful Lodge in the background

So beautiful!

Devils Tower and Little Bighorn 8/24/18

We had a long day in the bus today leaving South Dakota, driving across a portion of Wyoming and into Montana, stopping at Billings. I can tell you you drive through a whole lot of nothing but land going on for what seems like forever. We did make a brief unplanned stop at Devils Tower. It’s big, believe me. So hard to tell from a picture.

After lunch in Sheridan we were headed to the Little Bighorn Battlefield. The site didn’t look like what I imagined and there is a sad story around the whole battle. The Custer family lost 5 members in this battle.

The markets were soldiers bodies were found.
The memorial to the soldiers that lost their lives in the battle.
The remains of about 220 soldiers are buried around the base of the memorial.
The memorial to the Native Americans that lost their lives.
The markers for the Native Americans.
On one of the walls surrounding the Native American memorial. It reads, ‘in order to heal our grandmother earth we must unify through peace. Isn’t that the truth!
Some of the graves of the National Cemetery.

Tomorrow we head towards Yellowstone! We are staying in the Old Faithful Inn and there is no WiFi there, or TV or A/C. So I will be off the grid for a couple of days. I’ll post when I can.

This wasn’t supposed to be a solo trip this time. The friend I was going to travel with had to cancel because of health reasons. I’ll get better at this soloing at some point and maybe just prefer it. But I know if I wait for someone to do something, I might end up doing nothing. So on I go. We never know when our time here is up.

Graffiti Ally

There is a lot of art in Rapid City and they have a whole ally dedicated to graffiti. Some may not consider graffiti art but it can be so creative and colorful and amazing. You need a permit to paint but they say it works to keep it off other areas of the city. The following are pictures from the ally.